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Media Studies: A Level

A Level:

In year 12, students follow the OCR exam specification.

Their coursework task – worth 50% of their AS level – is to make the title and opening to a new horror film. They are required to do detailed research and planning, presenting their work via a blog.

Their exam is worth 50% of their AS and is in 2 parts. The first section is on TV drama and requires them to analyse an extract shown in the exam. The second part is a case study on either film or gaming industry – considering how production, distribution, audience, technology and marketing are features in a whole production.

In year 13, students study 2-3 topics: Collective Identity, Media Regulation and We Media and Democracy. Students research their own case study around these topics in preparation for an exam question looking at issues in these areas.

Their coursework task requires them to research the Film Noir genre, then plan and create a 5-minute film of their own in that genre.

Again the course is split 50-50.

Task lists for these projects can be found on the blogs.


Film Studies:

New to KTS this year, the exam board for Film Studies is WJEC.

Film Studies is a much more detailed subject that solely focuses on the film industry and the analysis and making of this medium, unlike Media that is widely varied in content.

AS Film Studies


Micro analysis: Students choose an extract from a film of their choice to analyse in detail using micro and macro features (1500 words)

Creative Project: Students have a choice of creating an extended step outline, a digital storyboard, or either a short film/ extract from a film

Evaluation: A written document reflecting on the work produced for the creative project.


The exam is split into three sections, Section A is a study of the Film Industry that relies on creating case studies on British and Hollywood made films. Students will look at the process of producing a film, from finance, to promotion and everything in between. Section B of the exam is based on British films with a ‘living with crime’ theme. Students study three films and will discuss how different themes are portrayed through their knowledge of the characters, as well as the micro and macro features used. Section C of the exam is a comparative study, where students look at two films, one original and one remake (e.g. Batman 1989 and The Dark Knight) and discuss the similarities and differences between the two, somewhat determined by the different ears they are situated in and changing ideologies.