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Pupil Premium

Each year the School receives additional funding to help the learning of pupils receiving free school meals or who are in the care of the Local Authority. This is called the Pupil Premium. Please click on the link below to see how we make the best use of this extra money. 

Pupil Premium at Knights Templar - 2016/17

If you want to find out more about the pupil premium, please go to:

If you want to enquire about your eligibility for free school meals, please go to:       or phone  0300 123 4048


Year 7 Catch-up funding

The school also receives extra money to assist students who arrive at Knights Templar not having reached a certain level of competence in either maths or reading (or both). Please click on the link below to see how we make the best use of this extra money.

Academic year 2017/18

The funding for this academic year will be £19, 000 which is equal to last year's amount (despite there being an increase in the number of students falling within the category of those needing help). The school will implement similar interventions as outlined below.

Academic year 2016/17

Each year the school receives extra funding for students who have not reached a minimum level of competence in reading, mathematics or both (previously this was defined as NC level 4). The school uses this money to assist pupils to make more rapid progress in these areas so that they can successfully study alongside their peers.  In the academic year 2016/17 the school will receive £19000 in March.  Some of this funding is used in Year 7 and some to continue intervention work in Year 8 and 9 if appropriate- the planned interventions are as follows:



Impact (% of students)

Reading mentor scheme

Training   £750

Attainment in English
30% are above target
70% on target


Attainment in maths
  5% are above target
80% are on target


Reading age Autumn to Summer term;  5% improved by more than 3 years
11% improved by 21/2-3 years
21% improved by 2-21/2 years
16% improved by 6 months-2 years
Overall there was an improvement in the reading age of 90% of students.

Lexia programme

Licence   £2000

Lexia /123 Maths manager

Manager £1500

Reading Test

Papers and admin              £160

Specialist reading books


123 Maths


Primary trained TA

2 days- £5600

Small group work year 7,8, 9



Dyslexia screening £250

1 to 1 Tutor for year 8

1 day  £1750

1 to 1 Tutor for year 9

1 day  £1750


Total £19610

For a summary of previous years please see the following document:

 Y7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-Up Strategy - updated March 2017