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Wind In The Willows

NOTE: IMPORTANT CHANGE TO THE REHEARSAL SCHEDULE - This Sunday's rehearsal (15th January) has been split in two. 10am-2pm Act 2 only. 2pm-6pm Act 1 only. Students in both acts should attend for the whole day. Also, students should please bring all costumes that they have been asked to supply for this Sunday's rehearsal. They should see Mr Sills or Mrs Spurling by Friday with any questions about this.


Rehearsal Schedule - Nov. 2016
Letter to Parents - Nov. 2016

Costume List - Dec. 2016


Cast List:

Names separated by a ‘/’ are doubling up
Names in brackets ‘(…)’ are understudies


Mole Eve Wenham/ Emma Cole
Rat      Helen Harrison/James Scripps
Toad Nathan Allen/Ylana Schafer-Thomson
Badger    Alice Neale/Emily de Fraine
Otter     Leah Nelson/Judith Simmonds
Portly Sam Hendricks/Hugo Major
Albert (Horse)    Ewan Morris (Robbie Clarke)
Rabbits (6)  
     Robert   Amy Clifford
     Rose Philippa Dawes
     Ronald  Erin Cross
     A Rabbit/Different Rabbit P20 Sasha Mills
     Another Rabbit P20 Amber Cummins 
Hedgehogs (4):  
     Herbert Robbie Clarke
     Harry     (P22)  Tom Robbins
     Harold (p43) Jack Yates
Hedgehog Tommy    Felix Welch
Hedgehog Billy   Alex McCarthy
Squirrels (3):  
Simran Lidder
Siobhan Reynolds
Jemima Walley
Fieldmice (Year 7 singers – to be confirmed in September)
Mother and Leader   Carmen Gilbert
Mark, Maureen, Malcolm, Martin, Margaret, Martha, Mary
Stoat     Cyril Finn Harrigan
Stoat     Ian Elliot Harley 
Stoat     Stuart Alex Allenby
Chief Weasel Anni Tyson/ Eleanor Redfearn
Weasel Norman Ben Buky/ James Waters
Weasel Wilfred Ewan Wallace
Fred (Sergeant)
Freddie Goldscheider
Gabriel Taylor
Fox Mila Vasey/ Emily Ilott 
Parkinson (Salesman) Alfie Sibley (Ethan Gibbons) 
Rupert (motorist)  Ed Bell 
Monica (motorist)  Amy Reid 
Magistrate Nic Chambers/Amelia Burrows
Clerk of the Court Joan Ariel / Ravae Tilbury
Policemen   Honor Hughes, Anya Thorp, Kiera Seymour, Katie Wayne, Ruby Mitchell
Gaoler’s Daughter Laura Gregory (Kacey Dean) 
Washerwoman Emily Hallahan (Isabelle Chalkley) 
Guard Casey Manning (Gemma Carter) 
Train Driver Jack Allen/Emily Hunter 
Ticket Clerk   Isabella Chalkley (Grace Simpson) 
Bargewoman     Georgina Onslow (Esme Wase) 
Gypsy     Carmen Gilbert (Lyla Linsley)
Boys: Hedgehogs

Hugo Major, Alfie Hyde, Felix Welch, Ethan Gibbons, Thomas Ten Hove, Tom Robins, Sam Hendricks, Robbie Clarke, Jack Yates, Alex McCarthy

Girls: Rabbits/Ducks/Squirrels, etc.

Kirsty Anne Frost, Emily Hughes, Harriet MacPherson, Laila Wilsher, Phillipa Dawes, Erin Cross, Esther Carr, Lyla Linsley, Grace Simpson, Jess Lloyd, Evie Bishton, Siobhan Reynolds, Freya Gates, Eloise Gray, Teegan Thorpe, Sophie Davies, Sonia Kendresi, Amelia Martin, Gemma Carter, Becky Turner, Jess Plant, Abbie Collins, Rachel Goward, Anna Wallis, Maddie Redfearn, Sophie Prior, Imogen Boxall, Imogen Allenby, Ruth Truscott