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Technology Staff

Mrs C Ellis - Head of Faculty

I joined the school in 1999 as an NQT, leaving my hometown of Manchester for the warmer climate of Hertfordshire. During my time at KTS I have married, had three children, become Head of Resistant materials and Graphic Products and recently I became Head of Faculty. I am also a Governor at my children’s school. I consider myself very lucky to be a part of the Technology Department and thoroughly enjoy the challenge of teaching such a wide variety of projects within D & T. I particularly enjoy encouraging pupil’s creativity and am always striving to incorporate new technologies into our lessons. I enjoy visiting exhibitions and reading about innovative designs and designers.  I have a keen interest in gardening and have so many pets I could possibly open a zoo as an alternative career!


Mr M Bull – Head of Systems and Control

I have been at Knights Templar School since 2002 and am currently head of Systems and Control, which I teach at GCSE.  I often teach the KS3 electronics based projects, so get to solve lots of fiddly problems with circuits, and of course if I can’t solve it Orlando can! I also enjoy teaching A-level Product Design, where students have more freedom to develop their own ideas. I like to come up with new ideas for projects, which probably drives the rest of my colleagues crazy, but it keeps things interesting! I have run trips to see the Mini factory in Oxford and taken year 12 students to degree shows in London. These trips are often inspirational and several of our ex-students have gone to study Product Design at degree level as a result.


Miss E Theobald - Head of Food Technology and Textiles

Before moving to teaching I qualified as a dietician and have always had a loved cooking. Since becoming a teacher I have been lucky enough to teach a range of subjects within and outside the Design and Technology Department including Year 7 & 8 Science, Year 7 Pe, Textiles and Graphics as well as my specialism of Food Technology.  At a school in Surrey I was also Head of Child Development and when I moved to Knights Templar with the opportunity of leading the Food and Textiles Department I was also able to reintroduce the Child Development GCSE here.

I enjoy baking new recipes at home and feel very proud to encourage the students to improve their confidence and creativity in their practical skills.  I feel it is important to encourage any form of cooking from the students who participate enthusiastically in events and competitions throughout the year.


Miss C Sullivan – Food Technology and Textiles

My passion for Textiles has come from making dresses and costumes to wear, and this has extended into other areas such as craft items as well.  I love making things that I can show to my students, and I have a keen interest in all things Textiles, from crochet to tie-dye. I play Hockey outside of school, and also enjoy the theatre, cinema, books and board games.

Mrs E Northcott – Resistant Materials and Graphic Products

I started teaching in 1990 and since then I have been head of Design Technology in a couple of schools within Hertfordshire.  However, when I heard of a vacancy at Knights Templar I was very quick to apply and am thrilled to be part of this excellent team. It’s also lovely to be in the same school as both of my children. I enjoy designing and making in a range of situations; I have qualifications in garden design and enjoy designing and realising props, scenery and stage make-up for school shows and local drama groups.  Props and Gifts club is enjoyed by some very capable students who enjoy making things for school shows, gifts for friends and family and literacy characters for Weston Way Nursery.


Mr N White – Resistant Materials and CAD/CAM

I left school and trained as an apprentice at Vauxhall Motors in Luton, which is probably why I am so passionate about the reintroduction of these training programmes.  I left Vauxhall in the mid 80's  to train as a draughts person and was involved in the design of very first Land Rover Discovery.  I become a Product Designer in the early 90's and take great pride every year in showing students my very famous gas fitting which has sold over 1000000 pieces with of a turnover of a few million pounds! (However, I don’t receive any of the money).  I trained to become a teacher at forty partly because I wanted to emulate a teacher from my own school days, Mr Morton, who was my Head of Year.  Three years ago I reached the position of Head of Year and can only hope to be remembered as being at least half as good as Mr Morton.


Mr O Micele – Senior Technician

I have a unique passion for my role as design and technology technician, so much so it almost feels like a second home from when I first started working at Knights Templar School in 2002.  There are so many different areas to my role that I really enjoy, but the most important part to my vocation is the people that I work with, both staff and students, and it is this which creates such an amazing family atmosphere within the school.  I have a wide variety of interests which include films, music, restoring classic cars as well as building things from scratch.  I really enjoy designing and making quirky projects both inside and outside of school.

Mrs G Welch – Food and Textiles Technician

I love all things food and am often called upon to cater for family events.  My biggest undertaking to date is the designing and co-making of my nieces wedding cake, quite a challenge!   I attend a local patchwork class and am currently hand sewing a quilt using some 700 hand cut and prepared hexagons.  I am also interested in antique furniture and interior design.