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Media Studies: GCSE

OCR Media

Method of assessment

  • Controlled assessment (60%) which involves written work and practical exercises in the form of two portfolios.
  • Textual analysis and Media Topic exam (40%)

Course Content

The OCR course covers a variety of media texts: Action adventure films, TV comedies, the news, advertising etc. and investigates how they are constructed and how they use stereotypes. 

The practical element of the course will involve both individual and group production work ranging from a film trailer exercise to creating print based advertisements. Students will learn how to plan a storyboard and film with a camcorder using a range of techniques , before editing your shots on a computer. 

Written work will be predominately essays analysing existing media texts and students evaluating the work they produce.  

OCR Coursework and Exam 

Portfolio 1: (30%)
Analyse the representation of gender in two Coming-Of-Age films.

Research, plan, and produce two posters for a Horror films advertising campaign, one poster to attract a female audience, the other male.

Evaluate the final poster campaign.

Portfolio 2: (30%)
Research, plan and produce a front cover, contents page, and double page spread for a magazine. Students will choose the genre of their magazine and produce all of their own material.

Evaluate the final finished product.

Exam (40%)
The exam is based on two sections, Section A students will be shown an extract four times during their exam of which they have to analyse in detail with the four questions provided. For Section B, students will study two different TV sit-coms, and the Institutions that broadcast them. Questions will be based on factual information about the Institutions and their target audiences, as well as how each programme successful creates humour.