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GCSE Results 2016 - Year 11 Aiming High!

Our 2015/2016 Year 11 students have always aimed high in their studies and their endeavours were rewarded with exceptional results this August.

Just under half achieved 1 or more A* or A grades with 23% of students achieving 5A*/A grades (2015 19%). As well as the students who achieved top grades, many other students have exceeded our expectations.  Year 11 2015/2016 are a credit to themselves and their parents, congratulations!

Here are just some of our outstanding individual student achievements:

  • Student

    Number of 'A*/A' grades

    Number of 'A' grades

    Number of A* Grades

     Rishab GUPTA   11 6 5
     Miles ALMOND 10 6 4
     Oscar JOPP 10 3 7
     James LUK 10 5 5
     Rosie MUGE 10 4 6
     Samuel PRIOR 10 5 5
     James REID 10 5 5
     Benjamin SUMMER 10 9 1
     Amelia CHAPPELL 9 9 0
    Jai GARCHA 9 7 2
    Louie GOLDSCHEIDER  9 1 8
    Lia GROVES 9 9 0
    Benjamin KINGSBURY 9 7 2
    Danielle LATTER 9 8 1
    Charles PALINKAS 9 7 2
    Sacha STIER 9 4 5
     Emily CARROLL 8 5 4
     Danielle CLOSE 8 4 4
     Sam COLLINS 8 4 4
     Emily ELLIS 8 2 6
     Harry JONES 8 1 7
     George LERCHE 8 1 7
     Emily MEHMET 8 6 2
     Chiara VOLPE 8 0 8
     Emily BIRCH 7 0 7
     William BROWNING 7 2 5
     Sam CARTWRIGHT 7 0 7
     Calum CRAWFORD 7 6 1
     Kiera D'CUNHA 7 1 6
     Theo FRASER-WILLIAMS 7 4 3
     Matthew INMAN 7 4 3
     Tolu MATESUN 7 1 6
     Balraj MINHAS 7 2 5
     Lily THORN 7 1 6
     James ANDREWS 6 0 6
     Amy CLARKE 6 1 5

Students who made the most progress:


Number of Grades Above Target

VOLPE Chiara




















MANN Anand


PRIOR Samuel


SUMMER Benjamin



The results for this year group are a testament to the excellent teaching, opportunities for self-development and exceptional pastoral support we provide at Knights Templar.

Headteacher Tim Litchfield said: “I am so proud of these students.  This year group always aimed high and have achieved exceptional results.  They are a credit to themselves and their parents and are a testament to the remarkable teaching and pastoral support we provide here at Knights Templar”

Nick White, Head of Year 11, added: “GCSE results are excellent again this year with many high grades. Students, parents and staff have worked incredibly hard and all have been rewarded with wonderful attainment levels. I am extremely proud and delighted with the performance of our students and wish them every success as they move into the next stage of their education.

We have instigated many support mechanisms over the last four years and believe students have reaped the benefits. I would like to thank the students, parents and staff for your support.

Please check your grades against the boundary grades. These can be found on websites, be careful that you select the correct examination board and course of study. If you are a few marks below, it might be worth considering a re-mark. If you would like more information in regards to this please contact me.

As a student you may be disappointed with your examination results. You might find it a challenge to discuss your feelings, please do not put off this conversation about what has happened. You need to decide which avenues are now open to you. Connexions would be an excellent place to start, they offer expertise in all areas that you could consider. This could be where you obtain fresh ideas perhaps into options you may not have considered. Good Luck.


KS4 DfE Performance Measures for 2016 Results

Progress Key Stage 2 (Year 6) to Key Stage 4 (Year 11)

Progress 8 for all Y11 Students
Our Year 11 cohort for 2015/16 had a Progress 8 of:-


Above Average

The students who join our school in Year 7 have Key Stage 2 attainment around National Average overall. When students complete their GCSE examinations, the Department of Education measures how much progress the students have made compared to similar students nationally. This is called ‘Progress 8’.

A value of 0.00 indicates that students make average progress from Key Stage 2 to the end of Year 11 (Key Stage 4).

Attainment at the end of KS4

% Achieving
English and Maths grade C+



% Students
Achieving EBacc


  The ‘EBacc’ was introduced into Secondary education to encourage students to take a specified range academic courses that prepare them for entry to top universities and apprenticeships when they leave education at 18. 

Attainment 8 grade for all Y11 Students


Just above a C grade

This is the average GCSE grade achieved by our 2015/16 Year 11 students.