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What we are trying to achieve with our students

What prompts a student to choose psychology?  As students progress through the sixth form, they are maturing from children into young adults.

Some will go to university and some will follow other pathways, but  the study of psychology will help all of them to question and assess information, develop discussion, be critical,  and become more self-aware and more self assured.

Staff List

Ms F Oetgen is the Head of Psychology


Courses we offer

At Knights Templar School we follow the AQA specification for A Level Psychology, which gives students a good all round introduction to the many areas of theory and research in which psychologists are involved, and their methods of investigation.

The course is assessed through three written exams at the end of the second year. The topics covered are as follows:

Paper 1 – Social Influence, Memory, Attachment and Psychopathology

Paper 2 – Approaches in Psychology, Biopsychology and Research Methods

Paper 3 – Issues and Debates and three topics from a selection including Schizophrenia, Aggression and Cognition and Development. 


Trips and Activities

Where possible, students are encouraged to design and carry out their own research. This helps them to understand some of the methodological problems that face psychologists.

In the past  students have collected data from fellow students, friends, family and members of the general public. This also helps students to recognise issues of safety and ethics. 

Key Websites

There are many psychology related websites.