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Jan Waite's Reading Garden

Jan's garden was opened in her memory in April 2016.  Located in ‘K’ block, the garden was built by members of staff in memory of Jan Waite, who taught English at KTS for nineteen years.

The Reading Garden is intended to be a peaceful and calm space for students to read and talk quietly – a kind of outside library space. 

In a busy school where so much is occurring in and out of lessons, we believe that the garden offers tranquillity and respite, far from the madding crowd.

The English Department





March 2015 

Pupils and staff at KTS are currently working on creating a Reading Garden as a tribute to Jan Waite, who devoted many years to teaching English at KTS. We have raised £500 towards the cost of the project and we have received a donation of £200 but we still need your help.

The aim of the project is to transform the quad outside Student Services into a reading garden for students to use throughout the year. As you can see from the photographs, this area is in dire need of renovation! We have student and staff volunteers to help with the landscaping but we still need you!

How Can I help?
We have the money to pay for some of the hard   landscaping and we have a new bench but we still need shrubs, perennial plants, bulbs, bark chippings, a pergola, roses, Growmore, a cat (not a real one, thanks), brick paving for the outside of the circle, a Malawi flag, trellis to screen the view of the boys’ loos …

We would welcome donations of any of the above     or money ( any amount would be gratefully received),   or expertise—especially if you are a gardener, builder or anyone who knows one end of a spade from the other!

If you are interested in helping us with this project, please contact the school. Updates on the progress of the garden will be provided on the school on this page.

Many thanks.

PS: If this  project doesn’t put us off, next year we are  hoping to transform the second quad into a wildflower picnic garden.  

As the Quad looks now..... (March 2015)


And our plans......