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Student e-mails

All students at Knights Templar have an e-mail address within our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE). Because this is a 'protected' environment it is possible for all our students, even those under 13 years of age, to have an e-mail account. Teachers may often communicate with students using this e-mail and key information, including notification of positive referrals, may be sent to this e-mail address. Hence, we urge all students to check regularly for any new e-mails sent to them.

For Online safety reasons it is important that students only use this e-mail address for all correspondence to and from members of staff. E-safety is an important issue which frequently appears as a headline on the news. Please remember we have a constantly updated page which reminds us all of the issues involved. This can be accessed here.

Our VLE can be accessed from this website, under the Student tab. Once logged into the VLE [called the Knights Templar Learning Zone], the students can see their e-mails by clicking on the envelope icon at the top of the screen. Please click here for a copy of a leaflet explaining in more detail how to access student e-mail accounts.

When going onto the school VLE - do notice that the school subscribes to a number of high quality publications. These are designed for students to have ready access to the most authoritative sources of information available. Once logged into the VLE, follow the library and resources centre tab and you will find the range of resources available to our students. Please use these rather than wikipedia or other less authoritative sources.