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Our Vision

Studying Careers at The Knights Templar School aims to provide students with the knowledge, information and skills they require to make informed choices about suitable courses at School, College and University and about the opportunities available with regard to jobs in the future.

The Careers Education Team aims to enable students to receive accurate and impartial information, advice and guidance about all the options which are open to them and the routes to which those options lead.

To achieve these aims students undertake a variety of Careers and Work Related Learning activities throughout every year of their education at The Knights Templar School. Please see the table below for a brief summary of some of the activities your son or daughter will undertake while they progress through the school.


The Careers Team at The Knights Templar School

Mrs S. Levesley - Assistant Headteacher: Mrs Levesley has overall responsibility for ensuring that high quality, impartial careers guidance is used by students to make informed choices at The Knights Templar School. She works with the staff team to ensure that the many opportunities for students to benefit from careers guidance, further study and general life skills are co-ordinated effectively and with the needs of students in mind.

Mr D. Vallier - Head of Business and the Social Sciences Faculty and a teacher specialising in the delivery of Business Studies: Mr Vallier has over 20 years of industry experience within finance, customer service and recruitment, both in the UK and overseas. He has experience running his own human resources consultancy business which has given him a clear insight into the world of work and the opportunities that exist both within education and in other areas, such as apprenticeships. Mr Vallier is Head of Year 10 & 11 Careers.

Mrs G.Hopkins – Head of Sixth Form: Mrs Hopkins has been involved in careers teaching and providing students with impartial advice and guidance for over 20 years. She is responsible for careers delivery in the 6th form.

Mr D. Raymen – Assistant Head of Sixth Form: Mr Raymen assists Mrs Hopkins in the delivery of a strong careers package at Sixth Form level. He has responsibility for Yr 12 Enterprise Day and the corresponding BASE Awards Competition trip. He also co-ordinates HE Conference trips to a range of tertiary institutions and delivers advisory talks to parents and students regarding student finance. Mr Raymen works closely with Connexions to provide support for those students considering apprenticeships and other training programmes after they have completed their A Level exams.

Miss M. Staines  – Head of PSCHE for Years 7 – 9: Miss Staines is directly involved the delivery of careers education to KS3 which is done through our PSHCE programme.

Miss G Gibbs – Enterprise Co-Ordinator: Miss Gibbs has overall responsibility for developing links with external organisations and organising careers related days such as Year 10 Employability Day, Year 9 Engineering Day, Year Work Shadowing Day & Year 8 Vocational Morning.

Mr M Breadmore/Mrs A Gunnell – Work Experience Co-ordinators:  Our school values the place that Work Experience plays in providing our students with a range of skills and experiences which will help them to become more successful learners and more confident individuals. Mr Breadmore and Mrs Gunnell work to ensure that suitable places are secured for our students.

Mr Chris Aylward - Connexions Advisor:  Mr Aylward has a long standing relationship with the school.  He provides students from Year 9 - 13 with one to one guidance and support about future career choices. He also works with small groups of students and is available for drop in sessions where students can ask a question about future choices.

Careers Education and Guidance at the Knight Templar currently follows the statutory programme, providing a planned programme of Careers Education throughout the school. Information about opportunities in learning and work with advice and guidance is given.

The programme of Careers Education takes place in Years 7 to 9 as part of the PSHE framework. Individual guidance is given by tutors on dedicated target days. Years 8 and 9 also experience Industry days and Enterprise days as part of their WRL provision. Year 9 have individual guidance sessions with senior management and further guidance advice over options. Year 9 also have access to Connexions advisors.

In Year 7, CEG is delivered through the completion of a Form Charity Project. Working in conjunction with a team of 6th Form students, each form plans and carries out a charity event designed to raise money for a charitable cause of their choosing. Successful activities carried out by previous forms include Summer Fetes, Tug-of-war competitions and a penalty shoot-out against Mr Bamford.  

In Year 8, CEG is again delivered as part of PSHE. Modules include self-awareness with an emphasis on communication and taking responsibility for one’s own life. In Years 8 and 9 the programme is clear and is taken by a team of PSHE teachers. As part of their Work Related Learning, 26 guests from a variety of vocational backgrounds have visited the School. Groups of pupils had to guess their occupations using only closed questions. At the end, the groups came together and the guests described their careers and how education helps them to develop. In Year 8 careers is studied through the Armed forces looking at roles and qualifications. Students also have sessions on the world of work and money in “Economics: the real world”.

In Year 9 CEG is delivered through a series of whole day or evening initiatives. Pupils have an Options Morning followed by an evening with parents and Connexions. Pupils also have a Target Day and an Engineering Day as part of WRL, where pupils are involved in three activities based on business, science, maths and technology.  In Year 9 PSHE lessons CEG is delivered using the software Launchpad.

In Years 10 and 11 dedicated careers lessons take place on a carousel basis taken by the careers staff. Both years have individual guidance by tutor’s and target days to track progress. They have access to the Connexions Personal Advisor (PA) and get invited to a number of Careers days. Year 11 take priority with regard to access to the PA. Both Year 10 and 11 are guided into WRL activities. The Headmaster and senior management interview Year 11 pupils with regard to their future options.

In Year 10 pupils follow a programme, which covers; the skills required in the modern world, applying for jobs, the curriculum vitae, completing application forms, using 'Kudos' and ‘Careerscape’, In Year 11 pupils follow a programme covering economic wellbeing, including, skills for enterprise and employability, how businesses operate and how to make informed career decisions. They learn about options available at 16 and 18 and interviewing skills

The Sixth Form receive dedicated Careers Lessons on a carousel basis in Year 12 and the start of Tutors and teachers give guidance throughout the course and the Connexions PA is available for drop in sessions each week and by appointment. The Head of Sixth Form is responsible for UCAS and organising visits to universities and UCAS advice.

The Year 12 programme covers ‘Options at 18’, opportunity cost of different routes and the cost of university. Opportunities for employment, combining employment with study, sponsorship, fees, student loans, overdrafts, types of university and types of courses available are covered. Pupils also learn the importance of recognising and developing ‘soft skills’ and preparing a personal statement. Students learn to work under pressure. In Year 13 practice interview technique is developed using experts from industry.

Websites Our Young People May Find Useful

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